AT THE BEACH! The world seen through rose-colored glasses, North America. While out on a trek, I often find
the strangest artifacts, things which have either been lost of for some other reason left behind. I suppose it's because
of the otherwise natural setting, but I like to ask myself how these cultural oject trouwve  or found-objects
might be experienced by people  --  or for that matter, birds or squirrels or spiders  --  who had never seen
them before. Imagine yourself a child, combing the beach for firewood, a member of one of the world's
past primal cultures which had no concept of mass production or throw-away colored plastic, and chancing
upon these sunglasses. Indeed, the world would never look the same.  

english plantain
elderberry Elderberry

(Photograph was made Saturday, the 29th of June, 2002)

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Photographs by Cliff Crego © 2002