Cascade. Pool. Falls. The way of water, when still in its natural state,
displays at all levels an amazing richness and complexity. I like to
take off along alpine streams and keep hiking and climbing and
till I find their source, frequently up above in snowfields above
treeline. Eagle Cap Wilderness. . .
On the road in the American Northwest.

MEDITATION—a way of looking

Meditation is the natural state of the mind. Rather than
a state to be learned or achieved, we might instead come
to meditation by taking away all the stuff that's in the way.
This is essentially a movement of negation. Like a great
watershed in need of restoration, take away all the sources
of disturbance and pollution, and we once again may drink
freely from, and see something of, the bottom of the pool.
Take away the blocks and the dams, and the mind's natural
creative energies will flow as freely as a clear mountain stream
in spring, and the invigorating sound of rushing water will
once again fill the cool morning air.

Muir (Crater) Lake,
Eagle Cap Wilderness

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Photograph by Cliff Crego © 2009
(created: VII.25.2009)