East Eagle Flowforms, South Wallowas . . .
On the road in the American Northwest.

Watercourse Way

Simple & complex, two sides of one movement. Water
always flows downhill. What an outstandingly strong
exemplar of legislative clarity! Yet, the patterns water
generates in flowing are complex beyond all seeing
and knowing.

Or look at how the trees stand perfectly erect:—bold,
courageous, steadfast statements against the harsh odds
of cold, wind and snow. But there they are, branching out
into the high mountain air in an endless display of inventive
variation. Like J.S. Bach showing us a phrase, a melody, a
theme, letting us hear it this way, and then yet another. And
what about the two together? Ah yes, counterpoint is born.

Many-voiced movement. Polyphony, that resonant word.
And yet, the song birds always have known this. Each spring
morning is a marvelous unfolding of song upon song. the
Robin marks the time with its almost but not quite regular sharp
chirps in threes. The chipping sparrow sounds a stately
sustained snaredrum roll. While the song thrush, freshly
arrived from sunny Mexico, tosses off its fine filigree figures
of braided silver and gold, each phrase a water-like spiral
flourishing upwards through the tallest conifers towards
the filtered light of the sun.

And in the background is that steady, rushing sound of
clear mountain water which somehow sustains and
underlies it all.

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Photograph by Cliff Crego © 2008 picture-poems.com
(created: IV.27.2008)