free gas

FREE GAS! . . . On the road in North America.

One envirostatistic I’d like to see published every day
is how many liters of gas are being pumped for any
geographic location. Just to get an idea of volume, and
how quantity changes over time. I suspect it’s an impressive
number. A society could then rationally decide if it
would like to see the numbers rise, or decline. And
most importantly, the numbers would have a certain
neutral, austere, truth content which is now lacking.

Devil’s Loop?

Always: Environmental degradation
and the loss of sensitivity
needed to perceive the degradation
are two sides
of one movement.

From inside carspace, a sign that says FREE GAS!
looks too good to be true; from the natural space
of a chickadee, chipmunk, or oak tree (or walker), it
looks like cultural insanity in utter runaway.

You may ask,—Which view is right? Well, I think one has
to find out for oneself. The first step is both easy & hard:
simply get out of your car and walk, observe.

Getting out of the car is in my view not so much giving
something up, it is getting something vitally important back!
What that is—we hope—will reveal itself along the way.

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Photograph by Cliff Crego © 2006

(created: VIII.13.2005)