frozen tarn, looking west

Frozen Tarn, Looking East. . .  The Alps.
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from WALKING THE WORLD: Above Treeline

"Yes, this is the movement of the alpine tundra, of presences which are only
seemingly motionless, at rest. For deep within, energies brood and prepare
themselves for a surge, a flash. From out of the nowhere of the background
gray, an unexpected flutter of life fills the air with all the luminescence of a
comet's tail, and then just as quickly vanishes into the stillness of trees and
rocks, and of the space where crystals are said to go after the snow has
melted, and, once again, turned to ice."

fieldwork VII.24.2005
keeping warm . . .
whisper cascade Indian
happy duo White
Cedar Fall
linden bench Solo

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Photograph by Cliff Crego © 2005

(created: XI.27.2005)