hot iron

Hot Iron . . . Every photograph, just like every poem or musical composition, presents the viewer
with a certain quality of space. At its most abstract, this quality of space is composed of differences.
Differences of form -- here a counterpoint of straight line and curve, differences of color  --  very
attenuated here in an earthy brown (giving more emphasis to form, and differences of texture  --  
here, the contrast of rough and smooth wood and metal.

At its most concrete, quality of space is a wonderfully and uniquely visceral experience, that is,
one 'touches' texture with the eyes, and senses incipient movement with one's toes.

Interestingly, if we think of form and quality of space not so much as static physical properties,
but rather as movement, then the whole artifical and, in my view, unnecessary division of,
for example, the visual arts and music, is
but an artifact of the past.

spotted knapweed
Spotted Knapweed,
weed extraordinaire
 pokeweed Pokeweed,
common native

(Photograph was made Monday, the 1st of July, 2002)

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Photograph by Cliff Crego © 2002