Winter Geometry, above an "inversion sea," Little Eagle Meadows,
Eagle Cap Wilderness . . .
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On the road in the Northwest of America.


A timeless day,

just below heaven, above the clouds,

new snow from horizon to horizon.

It says to me:

Cars do not exist.

Money does not exist.

America does not exist.

Hand in hand, the first man and woman

look through my eyes down on

what seems like mile-thick glacier ice,

filling the valleys with motionless white water,

sweeping away all that has been.

So the world celebrates the first day

of its new beginning without fanfare,

without the confusion of false promise.

The trees are witness.

The air is witness.

The rivers are witness.

O suffering of the world.

What have I done today to end it?

It says to me:

Nations are not great.

Armies are not great.

Flags are not great.

See the bridgemaker, speaker of many tongues,

the planter of trees and freer of rivers,

It says to me:

A timeless day,

just below heaven, above the clouds,

Clear signs of a birdless sky.

Stonepine Overlook,
Eagle Cap Wilderness,

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Snow Profile at
2000 m.

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Photograph by Cliff Crego © 2009
(created: I.25.2009)