nature computer

Nature as seen through a computer . . . On the road in North America.

In a rational economy, the cost of recycling a computer would be included
in its initial price. And, of course, in principle be the responsibility of the
manufacturer. Apple Computer does this in Germany, because it is
required by law to do so. In North America, in contrast, it does not.
Why didn't they think differently? will be asked in the future by those
who must clean up the mess left behind . . .

For more on the relationship of a free and rational economy, and
the thorny problem of
limits, see the Picture/Poem Poster below:

Poster: No Edge Lines! No Edge Lines!
shown at the left

(prints 81/2 x 11" (A4))      
Also available as .pdf
(52 K)
No Edge Lines and the Runaway Economy
A free economy is a strictly limited one. Even the
busiest of thoroughfares still retains a thin white line,
protecting the rights of those of us who prefer to:—

(Photograph was made Saturday, the 14th of June, 2003)

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Photograph by Cliff Crego © 2003