night slice

Night Slice . . . On the road in North America.

Coming out on foot after a long day in a lowland forest into a North American
city nightscape is a remarkable experience. I read it like music. A note pad of
impressions—the rhythm: fast and chaotic; the sound: loud and aggressive;
the light: flashy and noisy bright; the composition: random kitsch; the space:
coming at you unpredictably in all directions at once; the greatest absence:
the physical warmth of people. And yes, it is dangerous.

Of course, from inside the car, we see things differently. It's all about comfort,
image, convenience, saving time. It's quiet; it's clean. It's respectable.
I can drive when it rains, whenever I want, and be there in no time. Yet only
from outside the car do we see that this is all contradiction, all illusion.

Perceptual Illusions evidently only end once the real life physical contradictions
they engender have become so great that the sense of forward momentum
Illusions crave is brought to a halt. These are just a few thoughts that pass by
as I seek safe passage through this thin slice of urban night....

Redmaple Snow
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Photograph by Cliff Crego © 2006

(created: XII.3.2005)