P/P Photoweek: October Moor (X.17.2005)

october moor

October Moor . . . The Alps.

In the mountains, Winter is ever-present.

At the higher elevations, with the thin air and colder
temperatures, one always finds snow and ice. So Winter
is not just a changing of temporal season; one experiences
it also spatially, as the snow and cold descend from the top
of the mountain down the valley bottoms. This happens
in waves. It will snow, perhaps lightly at first as in this
photo, down to a certain elevation (here to 2100 meters),
then withdraw back to higher ground. Finally, around
the middle of November, Winter will descend to this beautiful,
quiet moor & tarn and stay there, completely snow-bound
until the end of May.

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3 curves
3 Curves . . . staghorn sumac October
Staghorn Sumac
wayside mushrooms Wayside
Mushrooms . . .
yellow polar Yellow Poplar,
Autumn Sky

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Photograph by Cliff Crego © 2005 picture-poems.com