P/P Photoweek: Garden Phlox (VIII.8.2005)

garden phlox

Garden Phlox . . .
(Phlox paniculata)  Also known as Fall Phlox (from the Greek, flame >>>
phlegein = to burn)
because it flowers relatively late in the summer. This is what I call
a skyview photo, made from below looking up. (Like a squirrel or rabbit or robin might see
the plant canopy above them . . .) This angle reveals a wonderful world of form
& structure that we normally overlook. For example, notice here the beautiful funnel
form leading up the flat 5-petal flower tops. Click on the thumbnail below
to view the 'normal' top-down perspective:

garden phlox, topview
Garden Phlox,
seen from above . . .

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big bluestem
Big Bluestem,
flowers . . .
sassafras, leaf form Sassafras,
leaf form
trumpet creeper Trumpet
form . . .
coneflower Thin-leaved

(Photographs were made Sunday, the 7th of August 2005)

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Photograph by Cliff Crego © 2005 picture-poems.com