Rolling Thunder Falls, South Wallowas . . .
On the road in the Northwest of America.

A Necessary Unity

Art, Science, Religion:—three branches of the great
river of Creativity. See the tremendous energy generated
as they flow naturally together. Yet see also the tremendous
tragedy of their current fragmentation—breaking, tearing, ripping
them apart. See the petty, small-mindedness of how they
deride, ignore, and even fight one another. Who will be the
first to take down the dams?

On Necessity

The perception of Necessity can be liberating, because
the way is then made free for clear, decisive action.

Indeed, how could this be otherwise? When something
must be so, the mind—whether that of the individual or
that of the collective—quits fighting against itself and,
without forcing, comes to a unitary vision.

The peak is in view. The problem clearly defined. Let's
get on with the climb!

The Gift of Chance

Along the way, what was once a gift of Chance
sometimes becomes Necessity's next
step into the unknown.

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South/North Sister—
first light
Black Butte
Ponderosa Pines— after burn Manzanita

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Photograph by Cliff Crego © 2008
(created: VII.27.2008)