Subalpine Fir Skyline—I like to call them Spire Firs after
their beautiful, unique form, (Abies lasciocarpa), South Wallowas
. . .
On the road in the American Northwest.


Religion is lost
in a prison of outmoded rigid hierarchies
and absolute belief;

Science is lost in a reductionist labyrinth of inferences,
motivated not by insight, or by the moral imperatives
of a troubled contemporary world, but by exceedingly
abstract and ungrounded theoretical interests;

Art is lost in the brothel of entertainment, exchanging
cheap techno glitz for real passion, quick thrills for real
spiritual uplift.

Like three vain goddesses lost in the walled garden of
their own self love, they look in their mirrors day after day,
and fight and bicker about who is the most worthy, about
who is the fairest of all.

An apple is thrown in their midst. On it is inscribed,

"For the most beautiful!"

Ah, but who is to decide? The Priests? The Politicians?
The Professors? Let it be said, that if Truth be the judge,
not one of the three, but the three as one might be found
the most beautiful, as they lay down the armaments of
their hubris and learn anew the steps of Creativity's
eternal dance.

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Photograph by Cliff Crego © 2008
(created: IV.27.2008)