P/P Photoweek: Umbel, skyview (VII.11.2005)

umbel, skyview

Umbel, skyview
(as seen from below looking up). . . (Dracus carota + wild carrot) Introduced to North America.
Notice the characteristic umbel (same root as umbrella) structure, with (as seen from below)
the bracts (green) and flower stalks (much lighter green) radiating out from a central point,
then articulating into an array of similar nested forms, which, when (seen from above)
form the flat cluster of white flowers we know as Queen Anne's Lace.
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fractal sky
Fractal Sky
indifference Indifference . . . pappus Pappus wild rose Wild Rose

(Photographs were made Sunday, the 10th of July 2005)

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Photograph by Cliff Crego © 2005 picture-poems.com