spring speedwell

European Spring Speedwell (SYNONYMS: Brooklime, Becky Leaves,,Water Pimpernel, etc.) . . .
(Veronica beccabunga = specific name is evidently derived from the German name, Bachbunge,
literally meaning
Brook + bunch) Summer in North America.

Imagine my surprise, treading lightly through summer
wetlands, with an eye to the light & plants, but
also for marsh rattlesnakes. (I've bumped into them before
in the same area.) And there at my feet, what do I see?
A Spring Speedwell! Native not of North America, but
Europe, and that I know well from the Alps. There,
it is a sign of clear, clean water. I have no I idea yet if
this species of Veronica is a problem plant here in
Prairie/Great Lakes country, but today I can tell that I
feel that I've found a long lost friend!.

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(created: VII.23.2005)