violets and dandelions

Violets and Dandelions . . . North America.

Native Violets, alien Dandelionsboth viewed as weeds within
the ecological war zone of North American lawn culture.

Here's a little poem from a longer sequence called Fireweed Poems;
it plays with this theme:


4 or 5 digits -- the splayed fingers
of an outstretched hand,

driven to the peripherique of tightly
cropped, well-fed urban meadows...

     How the violets and yellow flowers
     of spring wish to return, showing us

that someone has given up all the fighting,
and let their hair go wild again, gestures

shaped, even if ever so slightly,
by much sun, sparse rain, and the curious

           lithe ways of a fickle wind.

poster crabgrass


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petals Petals! capitulum DANDELION!

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Photograph by Cliff Crego © 2003