leatherwing on ironweed

Leatherwing on Ironweed . . . . (Euphatorium altissimum) Natives of North America.

As long as you still see Pennsylvania Leatherwings (Chauliognathus
set against the deeply dark & rich magentas
of Tall Ironweed flowers (Vernonia altissima), it is most certainly
not time to give much thought to Fall! For me, these are the colors
and hues of this time and place.

(Notice the similarity of shape between the antennae of the
Leatherwing, and the graceful double curves of the Ironweed's
(female) stigmas. Ironweed is a composite, or member of the Aster
family, so it is literally 'composed' of many identical florets
uopn a central disk.)

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Photograph by Cliff Crego © 2006 picture-poems.com

(created: IX.3.2005)