thoroughwort bugs

Bugs On Boneset! . . . . (Euphatorium altissimum) Native to North America.

One of the joys of macro or close-up photography is
setting up your lens and zooming in on a subject only
to suddenly discover something you’ve never seen
before. This happened to me yesterday afternoon. I was
happily investigating a new stand of Tall Thoroughwort
or Boneset I had chanced upon, and then when after I tasted
a few of the pleasantly bitter leaves as I was setting up my
tripod I noticed that the flowers were moving! So now
instead of simple white composite flowers, I had Bugs
on Boneset!

Look at the color patterns! I think children should learn
of the beauty of lthese ittle creatures by dressing up like
them. (And I’ll learn the insect’s proper name once I find
it in a guidebook, or someone more knowledgeable than
myself writes me. )

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Photograph by Cliff Crego © 2006

(created: IX.3.2005)