Holly Lake, September aspect, view from above looking East, Eagle Cap Wilderness . . .
On the road in the Northwest of America.

When I asked Mark Simmons, former Speaker of the House in Oregon
and now a leader in Rural Development, what he would name the beautiful
little tarn above his camp at Hidden Lake, without a moment's hesitation
he answered, "Holly Lake." For his daughter, Holly, who was standing near
by with her mother, Joni—as she smiled and blushed in her charming way.
"Excellent," I said. And so we gave a bit more shape in name and word
and sound to the enchanted high alpine landscape above East Eagle
Valley and the South Wallowa mountains.

Mark— getting ready to pack out . . . Holly Simmons,
at Hidden Lake


I tell myself:

To study Nature, learn to see;

To learn to see, watch seeing in action;

To watch seeing in action, observe the blocks.

When the blocks are clearly seenlike fear, greed, impatience,
desire, etc.—
seeing begins to free itself like a river after
its arbitrary dams are breached. I tell myself: The intelligence
of the learning eye always looks both ways.


Don't waste time trying to save corrupt politicians.
How much better to teach the young! It takes but nine
years to educate a new generation of enlightened scientists,
farmers, artists and healers. At the entrance way to this
school of a wholly new way of being stands but a single
sign with three imperatives: "All those who enter here,
leave behind your old ideas of war, of fear, of waste."


The great and wonderful journey of dialogue begins
when we come together with but six simple words:
"I don't know. Let's find out!"

Hidden Lake,
Eagle Cap Wilderness,
Oregon, IX.5.2008

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South/North Sister—
first light
Black Butte
Ponderosa Pines— after burn Manzanita

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