june soybean leaf

June Soybean Leaf! . . . Even though about 29 million hectares in the USA are planted
in soybeans—an area equivalent to 2.4 times the state of Ohio, or 7.3 times Switzerland
or the Netherlands—
how many of us would recognize a soybean leaf? To change all this,
and to offer an alternative to the monotonous (and ultimately self-destructive—How long can
we beat the Earth with a stick and make it say "Corn & Soybeans!!" and get away with it?)

straight-line grid which has been imposed on the flat country wherever soybeans are grown,
I've drawn a map of what I call Soybeanville;
it takes the wonderfully organic curvilinear
structure of the soybean leaf's venation as its point of departure. [see below]

Summer in North America.

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map of soybeanville
Map of
last lioght, soybean country Sulfur
ant patterns Deptford
Pink Duo
twin sheets, pool Red

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