ant on aphid farm ...

Ant on the Aphid Farm . . . (Evening Primrose...)  Summer in North America.

I always tell my young musician students that all
they have to do to get out of the in many respects tight
prison of Western thought as found in, for example,
North America, is don't do three things:

(1) Don’t watch TV;
(2) Don’t use cars;
(3) Don’t eat the standard industrial diet
of overly processed sugar, salt, meat,
milk & wheat.

While walking about pondering these three things,
they might, I hope, happen on something like the scene
pictured above. I always ask myself, who has the better
life, me or the ant? In my view, the ant wins hands
down. Look at the view it has as it tends its aphid
herd! The little aphids are placed on select plants by
the ants, and then milked as the ants imbibe the sweet
honeydew the aphids secrete, no doubt flavored in this
case by the juices of Yellow Evening Primrose
(Oenothera biennis)

Now, think of that!

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[*There's nothing dogmatic intended in
any of this; it's more the logic of it,
especially in terms of necessity.]

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Photograph by Cliff Crego © 2006

(created: VIII.20.2005)