P/P Photoweek: Summer Bindweed (VII.4.2005)

summer bindweed

Summer Bindweed . . .
(Calystegia sepium:  from the Greek kalyx = a cup + and stege = a covering: refers
to the green two-part bracts which seem to hold the white flowers like a pair of
hands, especially before the flowers open.) Introduced to North America.
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spotted knapweed
Spotted Knapweed,
a notorious weed  . .
wild bergamot, bracts Wild Bergamot,
bracts . . .
frosrtgrape on queen anne Frost Grape
on Queen Anne's
knotted buckwheat Japanese

(Photographs were made Sunday, the 3rd of July 2005)

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Photograph by Cliff Crego © 2005 picture-poems.com