white oak space

White Oak—space . . . (Quercus alba)  Native to North America.

This is architecture! This is design!
This is the harmony of complex curve & simple,
strong, straight line.

White Oak Space!

As I walk about the land—making photos & walking
are for me inseparable—verses come along
as trusty friends. I say them outloud as I walk.
Sometimes my own, sometimes
translations I’m working on, sometimes a new
poem I’d like to learn. Here’s an old 37-step piece
of mine I’ve been walking with for almost 20 years
from FIRST/LAST; it has a resonant, fractal rhythm

(5 + 8 + 8 _3_ 5 + 8 = 37 syllables or steps)

that rather reminds me of the oak's wood as it hits
the strong, accented beats:

This patience of trees,
an unmoveable trust of the earth
upon which they stand, nets weav-

ing themselves

into the light, the
dark, growing in  a l l  directions.

White Oak acorns need about
120 days to mature; After turning
brown, they take another 25 days to
fall from the tree.

White Oak: August acorns

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Photograph by Cliff Crego © 2006 picture-poems.com

(created: VIII.13.2005)