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A new music, poetry & dance
performance project:
concept / compositions
by Cliff Crego
Music? The one thing humans
do that makes the rest of
Nature jealous.
Composer, (former) conductor,
writer & photographer, Cliff Crego
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MARCH 2018 feature: Intro: OCTET NO. 4 CHAMBER CONCERTO:
for violin solo
The most recent piece in the Circle/Square OCTET PROJECT |
intro without nested MP3s [loads faster] | pdf (48 pages: 759 K) mp3 (4.2 Mb)
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for violin solo

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A somewhat surreal musical meditation on North American gun violence, and the cultural insanity of hired-gun, corrupt politicians, people for whom Money & Power count for more than the lives of their own Children & excellence in Education. "Pure insanity...." indeed.

Special thanks to my friend, new music Australian trombone virtuoso, Simone de HAAN. His sound and incredible musicianship was, as always, the inspiration for this little occasional project...

IMAGE: Buddhist Prayer Flags, Montana Blue Sky, EWAM, Arlee, MONTANA, USA

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Featured gallery, 100 MINIATURES, a set of 100 b & w photographs
with 100 sayings in prose, many concerning a new philosophy of Music & the Arts . . .

"ONE Image, One idea, ONE new way of looking"

100 MINIATURES—online gallery

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